August 3rd - 13th

Strictly Limited Engagement
East Village, NYC
150 1st Ave   |   New York, NY

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Conjuring Nightly

Harkening back to the days of Houdini marveling onlookers with the sleight-est of hands, Légerdemain invites guests to an intimate specialty event. Audiences are enveloped in rich storytelling that weaves up-close magic, comedy, and custom cocktails.

Légerdemain appears from the smoke for limited shows nightly, only a few shows per week with an exclusive capacity of 40 guests per show.  This curated entertainment experience will be the rarest ticket in town, putting those who experience it in a truly select club.

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Am I being punk'd? Is everyone else here literally in on this?? This is CRAZY!
Giovanni, Las Vegas
I can’t even form words. No clue how they did any of that and I only had one drink
Dave, Connecticut
That was one of the most ridiculous nights I’ve ever experienced. I want to do it again!
Jeannette, Miami
Honestly that is the closest I’ve ever been to someone performing magic and it’s freaky.
Christie, New York

Featuring co-creators:

Jonathan Levit

Benjamin Schrader